Curriculum Vita



Northwestern University
Evanston, Illinois
Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology


University of Illinois
Chicago, Illinois
B.A. in Psychology

Illinois Psychologist License: #071-001939

Professional Experience

1982- present

Private Practice of Clinical Psychology & Neuropsychology
Brook Clinic Associates, P.C.
210 W. 22nd Street, Suite 118
Oak Brook, IL 60523

2000- present

Zeolite Scholarship Fund
515 N. State Street, Suite 2800
Chicago, Illinois 60610

2000- present

Chief Interviewer
Chicago Symphony Oral History Project


Chicago Symphony Radiothon CDs: Volume 17
"From the Archives: Beethoven"

1999- 2001

Management Consultant
(Assessment of top level outplaced executives)
Right Management Consultants
Oak Brook and Northbrook, Illinois


Chicago Symphony Radiothon CDs: Volume 14
"From the Archives: The Solti Years"


Sport Psychologist
Chicago White Sox


Program Consultant
Rush North Shore Medical Center
Dissociative Disorders Program
Skokie, Illinois


Sport Psychologist
(Evaluated Draft Eligible Junior Hockey Players for the 1997 NHL Draft)
Chicago Blackhawks Hockey Team


Expert Panel: K.L. vs. Edgar
(Appointed by the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois to evaluate treatment in state psychiatric hospitals as part of a class action suit brought by former state psychiatric hospital patients and the ACLU against the State of Illinois.)


Chicago Symphony Radiothon CDs: Volume 9
"From the Archives: A Tribute to Carlo Maria Giulini"


Chief Psychologist & Director of Clinical Psychology Internship
Forest Hospital
Des Plaines, Illinois


Associate Director of Treatment Evaluation
Forest Hospital
Des Plaines, Illinois


Private Practice of Psychotherapy
Meldman & Associates
Des Plaines, Illinois


Assistant Professor of Psychology
Rutgers University--Douglass College
Clinical & Developmental Graduate Programs
New Brunswick, New Jersey


Visiting Lecturer in Psychology
Princeton University
Princeton, New Jersey


Editorial Consultant
Behavior Therapy


Psychology Intern
Chicago-Read Mental Health Center
Chicago, Illinois


Treatment Coordinator
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Science Camp
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Professional Societies


National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology


American Psychological Association


Association for Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies


International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation



Factor Analytic Investigation of the WAIS-R Among Patients with  Dissociative Pathology. Dissociation, 1997, 10( 1), 54-57 (with D. Schwartz, E. Rossini, and B. Braun).


Neuropsychological Testing: Questions and Answers. Clinical Review, 1987, 1(3), 1-3.


Book Review: The Effects of Psychological Therapy, Second Enlarged Edition by S. J. Rachman & G. T. Wilson. The Behavior Therapist, 1983, 6(11).


Epilepsy precipitated by food sensitivity--report of a case with double-blind placebo-controlled assessment. Clinical Electroencephalography, 1981, 12, 192-198 (with J. Crayton and T. Stone).


Encouraging a balanced style of living. Occupational Health and Safety, 1981, 50, 36-39 (with D. Mathein).


Lateral eye movement and handedness as measures of functional brain asymmetry in learning disability. Cortex, 1980, 16, 223-230 (with R. Gibbons and M. J. Meldman).


Does personal future outlook cause self esteem? Journal of Clinical Psychology, 1978, 34, 195-199 (with M. J. Meldman and R. Calsyn).


Imminent punishment and reward in 6 and 9 year old children. Journal of Genetic Psychology, 1977, 131, 91-96 (with D. Fein).


Biofeedback training for Raynaud's Disease. Northwest Community Hospital Bulletin, 1977, 14, 834-836 (with M. J. Meldman and J. Newren).


The academic job hunt: Is it more frustrating than it has to be? American Psychologist, 1975, 30, 861-863, (with J. Santa).


Children's reactions to innocent victims. Child Development, 1973, 44(4), 805-810.


The effect of a television model upon rule adoption behavior in children. Child Development, 1972, 43, 268-273 (with J. H. Bryan).

Paper Presentations


The Global Assesment Scale in tracking patient progress. Paper presented at the Illinois Psychiatric Society Annual Meeting, Chicago, November, 1977 (with M. J. Meldman).


Health/life goals for psychiatric patients and staff. Paper presented at the Illinois Psychiatric Society Annual Meeting, Chicago, Illinois November, 1976 (with M. Squire).


An investigation of the causes of elopment from an adolescent psychiatric unit. Paper presented at the international Forum on Adolescents, Jerusalem, July, 1976 (with B. Newman and B. Saper).


Evaluation of an alcoholic treatment program. Paper presented at the 50th Annual Meeting of the Central Neuropsychiatric Hospital Association, Chicago, March, 1976.

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